Monday, July 6, 2009

We're quite a way into summer, so...

The Bathing Suit Edition:

I've spent so long trying to find a swimsuit that was sexy, just classy.  I finally found this bright red reproduction one from MyBabyJo, and I'm in love with it.  Thus, I thought it called for a (somewhat belated) modeling.

It's actually much brighter than this picture suggests, but I had fun playing around with iphoto, which haven't used that much, as I only just got a digital camera [confession: I got it as a Christmas present, but have been too busy to play around with it much... plus I've spent the last couple months in dreary, no-color Scotland].

In other news, I've started taking dance classes this summer.  The only way I can get any exercise is if I pretend I'm doing something else [i.e. swimming, dance, etc.].  For the past two weeks I've spent my Sundays [and now Thursdays] in a Burlesque[!!!] class.  My knees are literally black and blue, and I'm finding I have problems moving my neck/shoulders, but it's the most fun I've had in a while.  I wouldn't say I'm exactly coordinated enough for dance, but I've been finding that this is a great way to get exercise and to discover your sexy side.  If anyone lives on the west side of LA, go check out this studio.

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  1. The bathers are lovely! I love MyBabyJo.
    And the burlesque lessons sound like fun!
    -Andi x