Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Messages

Like I've said before, my OCD tendencies and I like lists and schedules. I will admit this is pretty strange, as I tend to be pretty artsy/right brained/lazy/late to everything [good to note: if you ever invite me anywhere, tell me it's happening 15 minutes before it actually starts. We might arrive around the same time that way. It's one of my greatest flaws]. Anyway, I've decided that Mondays [when I remember]shall be "Message Monday". Personally, I find it hard to keep up with the comments I post on others' blogs... I have to remember to keep coming back to that post to see if the blogger replied. So, starting this week, I'm going to try something new. What does this mean? It means, that, instead of replying to your lovely comments on each post, I will devote a weekly post solely to replying to you darlin' guys and dolls.
Here goes:

"Oopsy! I've been lazy with updating"
-Italo: Thank you! Though I put the words on it, I shamelessly nicked the pic from somewhere online.
-Maggi: I do feel a lot better! Thanks!
-Laterg8r: Hope you see the movie, but just warning you that tissues are a must.
"Miniature Worlds in Glass Jars"
-Laterg8r: Thanks for the art appreciation!
-Maggi: I've been thinking a group for Etsy Addicts needs to be created... Etsy-olics Anon, perhaps?
"Friday Finds"
-Laterg8r: don't you wish things cost that little nowadays?
-Maggi: This is the only vintage mag I own! You make me jealous! ;)
"Just Popping By To Let You Know..."
-Laterg8r: TFS? I think I'm just being a bit slow [v. possible], but I'm not getting this one. :P

So is Monday Messages a good idea, or just too much wasted space? Tell me truthfully, my superior blogging lovelies.

Ring of Fire

As the hills around Los Angeles burn, I have been unable to get the song "Ring of Fire" out of my head. I like both the Blondie and the Johnny Cash one... what about you dolls?


Sorry, this is a rather weird version of the Blondie one... I could only find it live on youtube.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just Popping By To Let You Know...

... That Andi B. Goode is having a giveaway!!

As I'm sure you all love giveaways as much as I do, you should head over to her lovely blog. Make sure to look around as well as commenting, as it's an absolutely darling blog!

Congrats on 100 followers Andi!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Finds*

*Ok... so it's seven minutes into Saturday here, but, as per usual, I think I operate on Hawaii time....

With two major fires filling the air with smoke and ash, and august bringing in Los Angeles' hottest weather, I've decided to instigate a schedule of sorts to get my mind off this sticky and sickly heat, starting with "Friday Finds". In the beginning, this will be composed mainly of pictures of the pages of a 1950's Look magazine that I own, but I figure, once I run out of that, or if occasion arises, I will highlight some other precious vintage things I have collected over the years. How does that sound, darling readers? (of which there are now 20! yay! I love you all!)

Front Page of Look, July 17, 1951
The picture's title is: "MGM's Dancing Daughters"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miniature Worlds in Glass Jars

Unfortunately, I have become hopelessly addicted to Etsy! I blame my sister completely, as she was the first one to bring it to my attention. What a horrible sister, turning me onto this place of endless lists of beautiful things! How could she?
As, sadly, my wallet will not support my buying everything on my favorites list, I have started looking at Etsy for artistic ideas. Obviously there are things I can't make at home, but there are some things I see, and think, "hey, I could do that! I think..."

These are some pictures of the results of my feeling particularly "artsy" this weekend. Some of them have had to be fiddled with quite a lot, as taking pictures of glass at night with a flash tends to end badly:

"Gold Leaf": Moss; Rose branches; Rose leaf covered in gold leaf; Bird's nest made out of wire; Dandelion seeds; Gold coin earrings [great for decorating when one of the pair is lost]
Also on display: Vintage green purse [part of a train luggage set]; A vintage Benzine bottle (from Etsy); A DNA base pair model [I know, I'm a dork]

"Rabbit Wonderland": Moss; Purl flower earring studs; Dead branches; Miniature clay rabbit [unfortunately missing an ear... oh the joys of being a child's toy]
I've put tea candles in shells, and there's a jar of sage in the back.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Eeek! I will get better I promise! Soon... Hopefully..... Maybe...

Tomorrow I will post some new pictures of my "artistic" endeavours that I tried over the weekend. My only excuse is that it feels like someone switched my brain for cotton wool while I was sleeping Thursday night. [ie. I've been trying to fight off a cold].

In other news, if you have the ability to cry at all.... even if only when poked in the eyeball, do not go see The Time Traveler's Wife. Good movie, but, having seen it this evening, I am now an absolute mess. *sniff*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good morning, good yawning!*

Don't you wish you looked like this upon waking up? I think I bear more resemblance to this.

No matter how hot the night, your Playtex pillow stays sleep-inviting, daisy-fresh!

This image is from a beautiful 1951 July 17 Look Magazine, which is my prized possession. I've been trying to find a scanner to use to be able to up load this whole thing, but alas, I have had to resort to the camera. I think I'll make it a weekly thing to upload a page or so. What do you darlings think?

On a separate note, the lovely Vanessa Valencia over at A Fanciful Twist, is throwing a little party. A halloween party, that is:

I personally love blog parties, and if you do too, head on over to her blog now to let her know if you'd like to participate!

*A phrase from one of my favorite children's books, The Patchwork Cat

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another GiveAway!

Happy 100th+ Post to The Glamorous Housewife!

She has decided to hold a fabulous GiveAway on her blog. It's honestly simply to die for! She's gifting this beautiful pair of vintage turquoise clip-on earrings:

Go check out this lovely GiveAway from a wonderful blogger. And if you haven't seen her blog before, do poke about. She does some creative weekly themes. Leave her a comment to be entered into the GiveAway.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Overfilled with blogging love!

Ok, so, once again... not a proper post. I will do one shortly, but I just had to put this out there.


I'm still quite a novice when it comes to blogging, but everyday (sometimes much more than once a day) I read your posts and continue to find out so much more. You are all unique and have fabulous writing styles... Most of the time I feel like I'm blabbering, while everyone of you can some up exactly what I wanted to say but couldn't. You let me know there are people out there like me, and you also let me know about things completely new and foreign to me.
When I read your comments, I can't help but smile, and I feel like I've received a virtual hug! Thank you all for your encouragement and words of wisdom!

On a completely different note, I love the picture below of James Dean and Marilyn, don't you?

I know it doesn't make me unique, but I think she's great. Such a lovable smile.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Humpday!

In honor of being half way through the week, I thought I'd do a post with ideas for relaxation.

1. Treat yourself to one of those head massages they do in hair salons by taking time to really rub in shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Make firm circles on your temples with your thumbs, and make sure to work on the place where your neck and skull meet.

2. Take a luxurious bubble bath, with candles, music, and anything else that makes you happy. No phones allowed in the bathroom.

3. Bake a cake - with friends, or by yourself. Go crazy with the decorations (I was once responsible for a yellow brick road from hell cake... yeah, try and picture that one).

4. Take a tip from the new movie Julie and Julia, and ENJOY eating! The more butter the better! I am a firm believer in the notion that food only sticks as fat in your body if you feel horrible about eating it. My love handles are, at the moment, for example, made up of a huge grilled cheese that I knew I shouldn't have been eating. Live a little. Savour all the tastes. Have it with a glass of wine.

5. Snuggle with someone. This can be done by force if necessary, and it is where dogs are sometimes handier than cats. Curl up together and sicnronize your breathing. Do a long dog sigh.

Only two more days until the weekend!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warning: Reading this post may cause cuteness overload!

At the urging (read: little licks and kisses on my nose) of the wonderful bunnies I help look after, I am shamelessly devoting a post to their cause. [Don't worry, I'll be back soon with more wonderful vintage-y goodness.]

[Nose kisses from Helvetia]

Ok, so normally, when I tell people I volunteer at an animal shelter... with bunnies, I get strange looks. "Wait, bunnies? In the
shelter? Like, a cat and dog shelter?" And it's hard for me to believe it too. I mean, would you look at this guy? (Theo) -->

Who would say, "ehh, no thanks... I think I'll abandon him" ??!

But alas, there are some people in this world who should not ever be allowed anywhere near animals (or really to be able to reproduce, but that's another matter). Sometimes though, it's no fault of the owners... Especially in these rough economic times, events happen, like foreclosures or new landlords, that send bereaved bunny lovers to our shelter's door step. Imagine having to give up some one you loved because your new roommate doesn't like pets! (yes, this has happened a little too often).

When they come to us, most of the rabbits are in pretty bad shape. Some are wondering where there families went, and some have been in horrible conditions. This little one to the left (Aly), had pink bald ears and matted clumps of fur. Yet he was also the sweetest thing I've ever met. I think he thought he was a dog, but every time anyone passed his cage, he would hop on over to say hello and put his nose down for pets. I had to try very hard not to put him in my purse at the end of the day and steal him away. Eeek!

Anyway, the point of this post is not to make you cry, but to let you know that there are some pretty freaking adorable bunnies out there. I know they are probably not the first thing you think of when getting a pet. No one ever asks, "Are you a cat or bunny person?". But you should.

They live much longer and happier lives inside the home, and without cages. Yes, rabbits are suppose to run about quite like dogs. Once fixed (which is a healthy choice for them), they litter-box train themselves as they are quite the meticulous cleaners. In many ways they are like a miniature version of a dog... though they don't have the idea of "fetch" down so well. They'll even let you know they are happy to see you by doing "binkies" - a sort of uncontrollable hop of joy straight up in the air. And they each have they own distinctive personalities. I know, I know, they're all just little fluffy bunnies, right? Wrong! Ask anyone you know with a bunny. I've known divas and princesses, rascals and gentle "giants" who love to snuggle.

So, if you, or someone you know, is thinking about getting a pet, consider a rabbit. And please, please, get your pets from the shelters!!

Click on the post title, the bunny adoption button on my side bar, or the link bellow to visit Rabbit-Match... which is the organization I work with. Even if you don't live in the LA area, we have some great sister organizations and all the links are up on the site.

Until next time, kisses from 40sfemme and the bunny gang!

[Pericles getting some loving. Please note: the shelter is the only place I never dress up. I love my vintage clothes too much and they would get in the way!]

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tickled Pink!

Lizzy, from A Vintage Spirit, completely made my day yesterday, when I discovered that she had given me an award! Imagine that! I was over the moon, simply tickled pink! I've hardly been blogging for very long, but I am filled with love and admiration for all you lovely creative ladies who welcomed me with open arms and fantastic blogs!

But, oh no! Now I have to choose five people to pass it on to? Only five?
Lizzy at A Vintage Spirit (I'm allowed to pass it right back, right?)
Andi B. Goode (Don't you love that name?)
The Freelancer's Fashionblog (The beginning of my blog addiction)
Super Kawaii Mama (Have you seen her tutorials?)
Quiet Like Horses (A gorgeous read, though not vintage themed)

I know most of you already all know each other, but do check out these girls' blogs - Absolutely Amazing!

And now for something completely different (*starts humming Monty Python tune*):

Sometimes you come across a vintage item of clothing that, for some reason or another, falls above the rest, not necessarily because of its age or value, but because it speaks to you. It says, "You and me, we belong together", and you really have no choice but to take it home with you. I have two of these items. One was the brown dress which was feature in an earlier post: it's brown silk, decorated with knitting needles and balls of yarn in blue and white (I first thought they were chromosomes... yes, I'm a science dork). It was one of my first pieces, and I have loved it to death... a little too literally. The fabric is now disappearing (not mendable), and it is reserved for special occasions only.
The second item is a beautiful trench, lovingly fixed and refixed again and again. However, I got it when I was still growing, and, as such, it's just a little too tight. My sister is smaller than I am (lucky), and she claimed it from me in exchange for a too big pair of red heels. I love the shoes, don't get me wrong, but I occasionally peer into her closet pining after the coat.
Well, she's almost officially moved out of the house, but the coat is among the last few things needing to be packed up, and so I took the chance to ware it again, one last time(?), for a photo shoot:

Coat: JetRag Vintage Store
Green Bag: Part of a vintage train luggage set my sister bought me
Shoes: Re-mix

And it even has pockets! (I'm obsessed with skirts/dresses/anything but pants that have pockets)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And a Cherry on Top

Quelle surprise!
This morning, courtesy of A Vintage Spirit, I discovered a fabulous blogger, with whom I'm sure most of you are already familiar: Vixen Vintage. Her blog is lovely, and I want every single item from her Etsy store. And here's the kicker....

She's having a GIVEAWAY! It's a beautiful homemade hat that's a throwback to the glamorous 1930's, with topped with adorable cherries! [see below]

Photo courtesy of the fashionista herself!

Isn't it smashing? Head on over to her blog right away to enter yourself in her giveaway! And if any of you becomes the lucky winner, pictures, please!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just one more...

How cute is it?? I want one!

Yes, I know it should be in the wild, but apparently it's legal to have one as a pet in Russia. 
ето очень плохо!

Warning: This is NOT a proper post!

Oh dear!  How embarrassing!  I've been added by some truly fabulous girls, and I've been resorting back to my lazy, non-updating self!  

To be fair, I am on the hunt for a way to upload pictures of a exciting vintage find... my sister took the scanner when she moved out.  But I thought with 13 posts and 13 followers, I might be doomed if I didn't do something fast.

So here's something cute...  Perhaps the worst kept secret about me is that I'm a sucker for animal cuteness (I volunteer with bunnies, yes bunnies, at an LA shelter):

As well as something that makes me cry every time I watch it... which is, embarrassingly enough, quite a lot:

Well who doesn't love sytycd? At least secretly?

... And no, I'm not actually that superstitious: 
1. Don't walk under a ladder, because it could fall on you, or you could knock the person on it off.   2. If you do break mirrors, you probably will have 7 (ish) more years of bad luck, because it seems you are rather clumsy.   3. I had a black cat for the first 10 years of my life, and I snuggled with one before taking an IR exam this year (on which I got my best score yet).