Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warning: Reading this post may cause cuteness overload!

At the urging (read: little licks and kisses on my nose) of the wonderful bunnies I help look after, I am shamelessly devoting a post to their cause. [Don't worry, I'll be back soon with more wonderful vintage-y goodness.]

[Nose kisses from Helvetia]

Ok, so normally, when I tell people I volunteer at an animal shelter... with bunnies, I get strange looks. "Wait, bunnies? In the
shelter? Like, a cat and dog shelter?" And it's hard for me to believe it too. I mean, would you look at this guy? (Theo) -->

Who would say, "ehh, no thanks... I think I'll abandon him" ??!

But alas, there are some people in this world who should not ever be allowed anywhere near animals (or really to be able to reproduce, but that's another matter). Sometimes though, it's no fault of the owners... Especially in these rough economic times, events happen, like foreclosures or new landlords, that send bereaved bunny lovers to our shelter's door step. Imagine having to give up some one you loved because your new roommate doesn't like pets! (yes, this has happened a little too often).

When they come to us, most of the rabbits are in pretty bad shape. Some are wondering where there families went, and some have been in horrible conditions. This little one to the left (Aly), had pink bald ears and matted clumps of fur. Yet he was also the sweetest thing I've ever met. I think he thought he was a dog, but every time anyone passed his cage, he would hop on over to say hello and put his nose down for pets. I had to try very hard not to put him in my purse at the end of the day and steal him away. Eeek!

Anyway, the point of this post is not to make you cry, but to let you know that there are some pretty freaking adorable bunnies out there. I know they are probably not the first thing you think of when getting a pet. No one ever asks, "Are you a cat or bunny person?". But you should.

They live much longer and happier lives inside the home, and without cages. Yes, rabbits are suppose to run about quite like dogs. Once fixed (which is a healthy choice for them), they litter-box train themselves as they are quite the meticulous cleaners. In many ways they are like a miniature version of a dog... though they don't have the idea of "fetch" down so well. They'll even let you know they are happy to see you by doing "binkies" - a sort of uncontrollable hop of joy straight up in the air. And they each have they own distinctive personalities. I know, I know, they're all just little fluffy bunnies, right? Wrong! Ask anyone you know with a bunny. I've known divas and princesses, rascals and gentle "giants" who love to snuggle.

So, if you, or someone you know, is thinking about getting a pet, consider a rabbit. And please, please, get your pets from the shelters!!

Click on the post title, the bunny adoption button on my side bar, or the link bellow to visit Rabbit-Match... which is the organization I work with. Even if you don't live in the LA area, we have some great sister organizations and all the links are up on the site.

Until next time, kisses from 40sfemme and the bunny gang!

[Pericles getting some loving. Please note: the shelter is the only place I never dress up. I love my vintage clothes too much and they would get in the way!]


  1. Awww, I love bunnies so much! Great post, a lot people don't know that bunnies end up in shelters too. I can't believe some of the disgusting people out there who treat animals the way they do! (I'm so with you that some people should not be near animals or have an children!)
    I can see you how you have trouble not taking the bunnies home with you, I know I would be tempted to steal one of those cuties.

  2. total cute overload - great post :)

  3. So, so, so very preciously adorable! If I had a plethora of bunnies in my life too, I'd be hard pressed not to blog about them every day :)

    I think it's really awesome that you volunteer to work with these darling creatures, sweetie!

    Big hugs to you and all of the bunnies! :)
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Wow, I didn't know all of that about bunnies, except that they are very very cute!