Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tickled Pink!

Lizzy, from A Vintage Spirit, completely made my day yesterday, when I discovered that she had given me an award! Imagine that! I was over the moon, simply tickled pink! I've hardly been blogging for very long, but I am filled with love and admiration for all you lovely creative ladies who welcomed me with open arms and fantastic blogs!

But, oh no! Now I have to choose five people to pass it on to? Only five?
Lizzy at A Vintage Spirit (I'm allowed to pass it right back, right?)
Andi B. Goode (Don't you love that name?)
The Freelancer's Fashionblog (The beginning of my blog addiction)
Super Kawaii Mama (Have you seen her tutorials?)
Quiet Like Horses (A gorgeous read, though not vintage themed)

I know most of you already all know each other, but do check out these girls' blogs - Absolutely Amazing!

And now for something completely different (*starts humming Monty Python tune*):

Sometimes you come across a vintage item of clothing that, for some reason or another, falls above the rest, not necessarily because of its age or value, but because it speaks to you. It says, "You and me, we belong together", and you really have no choice but to take it home with you. I have two of these items. One was the brown dress which was feature in an earlier post: it's brown silk, decorated with knitting needles and balls of yarn in blue and white (I first thought they were chromosomes... yes, I'm a science dork). It was one of my first pieces, and I have loved it to death... a little too literally. The fabric is now disappearing (not mendable), and it is reserved for special occasions only.
The second item is a beautiful trench, lovingly fixed and refixed again and again. However, I got it when I was still growing, and, as such, it's just a little too tight. My sister is smaller than I am (lucky), and she claimed it from me in exchange for a too big pair of red heels. I love the shoes, don't get me wrong, but I occasionally peer into her closet pining after the coat.
Well, she's almost officially moved out of the house, but the coat is among the last few things needing to be packed up, and so I took the chance to ware it again, one last time(?), for a photo shoot:

Coat: JetRag Vintage Store
Green Bag: Part of a vintage train luggage set my sister bought me
Shoes: Re-mix

And it even has pockets! (I'm obsessed with skirts/dresses/anything but pants that have pockets)


  1. that trench rocks :) wish i had one ;)

  2. Such a deeply gorgeous, feminine coat. I would wear that in a heartbeat.

    Many congrats on your award, sweetie, you and your stellar blog really deserve it!

    Have a beautiful Friday,
    ♥ Jessica