Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday Finds*

*Ok... so it's seven minutes into Saturday here, but, as per usual, I think I operate on Hawaii time....

With two major fires filling the air with smoke and ash, and august bringing in Los Angeles' hottest weather, I've decided to instigate a schedule of sorts to get my mind off this sticky and sickly heat, starting with "Friday Finds". In the beginning, this will be composed mainly of pictures of the pages of a 1950's Look magazine that I own, but I figure, once I run out of that, or if occasion arises, I will highlight some other precious vintage things I have collected over the years. How does that sound, darling readers? (of which there are now 20! yay! I love you all!)

Front Page of Look, July 17, 1951
The picture's title is: "MGM's Dancing Daughters"


  1. love that it only cost .15 cents :D

  2. I love old magazines like this! I have a collection of mags from the 50's but I'm really on the lookout for "Look"! lol