Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Inappropriate" Movie Attire

Unfortunately, I can't remember who to credit, because almost everyone has now done this, but I saw someone's blog yesterday where they had Mad Men-ed themselves!  Now I can't say this is my favorite show... I watched it a couple of months back when I was procrastinating studying for finals, and I wasn't at all pleased.  I know, I know, how could I possible say this, right?  It's just that I don't really emphasize with any of the characters.  I suppose Joan would be my favorite as she at least has a back bone.

But the costumes!  Oh my!  I could watch this show muted and be as happy as a clam!  My normal style deviates between Betty and Joan (two extremes, huh?), but yesterday I was feeling more of the second.


Because Betty is my second favorite (although I feel the story-line is a bit cliche), I made sure she was in the image.  And no, I don't smoke... I just liked that mouth the best.  Having gotten caught up in all this Mad Men-ing, I decided to channel Joan last night when I went out to the movies.  But, alas, my camera failed me, and I didn't have the batteries to take a picture!  And I was so proud of it too!

Here's the dress and the shoes though (with lots of credit to SKM, for her tutorials):


"Opera gloves? To the movies? Really?"  "Well where else am I suppose to wear them?"


  1. I don't watch Mad Men but making those little versions of yourself is fun ;)
    I love those shoes so much, there are way too adorable!

  2. love that you wore the gloves to the movies! super cute shoes

  3. Howdy
    I was just out riding the blog range and came across your blog it is simply fabulous !
    I adore thsoe cute shoes .
    Have a fantastic weekend.
    Happy Trails

  4. Hi Hi! Was just stalking different blogs and found yours. lol. SO cute!
    I'm having a giveaway so enter!
    Be sure and pop by & leave a note & follow. It would really make my day! :)


  5. Thank you all for you're lovely comments. Aren't the shoes lovely? They were my sisters but they didn't fit her quite right. I love it when that happens!

  6. wow! i'm so happy to have found your blog through chronically vintage today!

    beautiful outfit! and i'm so with you on wearing gloves to the movies. it's all about making everyday things a little more glamorous, right? Right! :-)

    i'll be back soon!