Sunday, September 6, 2009

So I Got a Little Bit Distracted by This Week's "Friday Finds"

Looking on our bookshelves, I found this booklet on crocheting that belonged to my mother in the 1960's ('67). How cool is it? It even has directions "included for left-handed workers".

The wording is a tad bit confusing, but I had to try my hand at it. I know how to knit, but have never learned to crochet. Well, here's my chance!

I have, for many years, moaned about how many things that I don't know how to do, having never learned as a small child. Piano, for one, as well as oil painting, how to crochet, how to ride a bike... etc. [Yes, I can't ride a bike. I grew up on a very steep hill, so it wasn't very practical]. But I think this is silly. Whether 9 or 99, we can always learn new skills right?

So this summer I've decided to try to learn how to do things that I want to. I'm taking dance, learning to sing. I took a self-defense class, because I believe we, as women, should never be at a disadvantage because of our sex. And now I'm teaching myself, thanks to this lovely find, how to crochet. The results so far have been interesting [read: odd shaped lumps], but I'm kinda excited by this.

Have you lovely readers learned/taught yourselves anything new recently? Why not devote this extra day off (at least in the US) to trying something you've wanted to do for a while?


  1. What a fun book to find, good luck learning to crochet, its a lot of fun! I'm still trying to teach myself sewing! lol

  2. Funny you should mention learning new things, because right now I've got this insane urge to do and learn EVERYTHING. Right now I want to learn how to sew, speak French, knit and crochet, cook everything, you name it. Maybe I should turn my blog into a goals blog, hmmm.

  3. i would love to learn how to crochet - so cool that you are :D