Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Messages

I almost forgot, it's Monday, huh? There is far too much going on in my brain right now, unfortunately... getting ready to go back to the UK and uni, meeting my sister's new bf (in approx. 10 minutes. ick, but more on that another time), researching stuff for the person I work for (personal assistant kinda stuff)... etc. But no way I'm going to let this week slip by without sending out my thanks for all the blogging love I get from you guys!
I'm trying something different this week... I'll be less specific, unless someone has asked me a question. Read on, and then let me know, dear readers, which, if either, version you lot prefer?

Hump Day Cuteness:
Glad I could make you three gals smile! That's what I'm here for.
Laterg8r - sorry I made the baby cry! [but I'm like your 2 yr old: "again! again!"]

So I Got a Little Bit Distracted by This Week's "Friday Finds"
Maggi and Kid Twist - Good luck to both of you with your respective learning urges!

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  1. Thank you for the well (learning) wishes! lol Good luck to you during your crazy busy time!