Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Earth is Actually Flat...

...I just dropped off the edge, if you hadn't noticed -->
And now, having clawed my way back to the blogging world, I've gotten knocked back by an episode of freshers' flu!

What the heck am I talking about?
Well, I have now completed my biannual jump over to the other side of the world, to get back to my uni in scotland. I know many of you have had your own moves to do this summer, both great and small, so you'll know how crazy it is to pick up your entire life and settled down elsewhere. I never get used to it... I swear I was in a state of "almost un-packed" all year last year. There is, at least on my end, a temptation to make everything perfect from the get go, and then nothing happens at all.
To make matters worse, I got here early to help move in the freshmen [or "freshers" as we call them]. It's lots of fun, and my liver is absolutely trashed due to the free vodka bars we host as a hall
[it's all legal, don't worry!]. However, I've spent so much time running around that I've neglected my own room.
I've also contacted the dreaded freshers' flu: a nasty result of collecting a large amount of people and their germs into a small environment, and making sure no one gets any sleep.
This is the point when I wish I was still a little girl and had my mum to take care of me like this little girl! What do all of you do for getting over nasty colds? I can't tell what's worse, my cold, or the rain!

Anyways, not meaning to bore you all, just wanted to say hi, and that reading all your posts in the few spare minutes I have brightens my stressful days! Thank you gals!


  1. here's hoping you get well soon. i hate moving, i never used to get fully unpacked b/c was never sure if my room mates would turn out to be scary or nice. eventually just got my own place :D

    sounds like a great party!

  2. So sorry you've been sick, feel better soon!

  3. I had wondered wher you got off to ;)
    I'm sorry that you got the flu, as you say it seems inevitable to get some illness or another when school starts back up again and your crammed together with people and their germs from all over. Hope you're feeling better soon!